Capturing Timeliness Moments with Film and Polaroid Photography

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In the age of digital photography and filters, there is something truly magical about capturing special moments with film and Polaroid cameras. Digital photography has made so much advancement in the last decade with iPhones providing access to a camera at all times. Film photography quickly became a forgotten art. However, film and Polaroids have recently made a comeback and I am here for it! 

I have completely fallen in love with the art of it all and embracing a new format to learn. Film and Polaroid photography is the perfect add-on to your wedding, elopement, or couples session! Here are the reasons I am absolutely obsessed!

Oklahoma Film Photographer

Film photography has an undeniable charm with a vintage and timeless feel. It immediately transports us to an era when photographs were tangible and each frame was carefully composed. The colors, grain, and texture are undeniably different from digital images whether you are using direct flash or not. Now don’t get me wrong, I, of course, love my digital camera, but film has a timeless quality that is hard to argue with!

Tulsa Film Photographer

One of the best parts about using film is that you only get 36 exposures per roll. You have to be very thoughtful and intentional with the photos you choose to take, which is sooo different from snapping thousands of photos on a wedding day! The limit encourages me to slow down and think critically about each frame. When holding my film camera it forces me to capture the moment with purpose and care. I love that film photos give you more feeling and when you look at them it evokes emotion and transports you right back to the moment. 

Plus! When you add film photography to your session, you get your photos back much sooner! It takes weeks to edit hundreds or thousands of digital images, but film can be developed and scanned within a few days.

I am mostly using the Minolta Freedom Zoom 35-70mm for film photos from eBay!

The Magic of Polaroid Photos 

Polaroid photography is all about instant gratification! With a single click, you receive a physical photo that is so rare these days! Oftentimes we never actually hold a photograph in our hands anymore. It is so much fun to watch it develop right before your eyes into an instant keepsake!

Pro tip – this is a great thing to do for all of your guests at your wedding as a favor!

When looking at photos my grandparents took, I love the thrill of opening a box filled with small images from the past. Polaroids have always been known as “shoebox memories” and I am so glad this is coming back! It is the perfect thing to pass down from generation to generation and such a special keepsake. 

We are all drowning in thousands of digital images on our phones and get so caught up in the Instagram of it all. A physical photograph serves as a delightful reminder that our memories are meant to be printed, framed, and admired throughout our lives. They bring a touch of authenticity and intimacy to the digital age.

Polaroid photography in Tulsa, Oklahoma

One of the best parts is you get to walk away from your session with your Polaroid images in hand! They look SO COOL and are a great add-on to a photography session! I use the __ to capture these Polaroid images!

I use the Polaroid One Step Close-Up to capture these Polaroids!

Why Film and Polaroid Photography Matters

It is so important to me to be intentional about the moments I choose to capture on film or Polaroid. It’s all in the details, feelings, highlights, and joy of the moment. I want you to look back and feel ALL the feels all over again. They are a highlight of what is important on the most important day!

I would LOVE to capture your special moments with film and Polaroid photography! Inquire with me today to add this to your photography package!